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Infinity- Let the Journey's Flow

What is Infinity ?

Can you imagine how far we went to search for Infinity? But firstly, Do you believe in the power of Infinity? Do you believe that we all have our infinities? Our own universes inside our soul? The multiverses are till infinity & beyond ! If you let me share my infinity, its such an adventure filled documentation of a motorcycle named ‘Baegum’ & her odyssey across asia presented in the first episode titled ‘Infinity in the Himalayas’ for a webseries -*Let the JourneysFloW*. In the first episode, the journey creates an infinity symbol on the road-map through an interesting route in the northern Himalayas. Personally, it had been a transformational journey where there no final destination and no limitations. This episode showcases Baegum’s love for the mountains as she cruises through countless valleys & mountain passes across the two-states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir in INDIA. Feel the adrenaline in this immersive road-trip experience that takes you from the purest of the transhimalayas to the highest of the mountain passes, from the crystal-clear blue lakes to the vividly decorated monasteries, from the grandest sunrises in the vast mountain-plains to the ethereal night-skies fully-loaded with stars. Witness how the landscapes and perspectives transform during this insane traveling for years, how the seasons glorify the natural aesthetics in an atmosphere, how the cultures in nomadic lands celebrate life and death. Witness this epic motorcycle adventure happening with *Baegum* as she makes an ‘Infinity in the Himalayas’!


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